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Our Services - Military/Veterans

Majority of our team has a military-connected background and experience. Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise on the military-to-civilian transition, transition assistance, and the overall veteran workforce. 


  • Hiring & Attracting Veterans​

    • Veterans leave the military with unique and translatable hard and soft skillsets. Our veteran demographic are some of our most untapped potential in the workforce. Our team can assist your organization in the attraction and hiring of veterans. Additionally, we can leverage our personal and professional networks to help you fill positions with readily available veterans, transitioning service members and military spouses. 

  • Retaining Your Veteran Workforce

    • Statistics show that veterans often leave their first workplace post-military service due to their inability to progress upwards and due to their loss of 'connection' and 'purpose'. Our team understands the unique dynamics of how to keep your veteran workforce in your organizations. Additionally, we can provide your organization with tools and resources on how to leverage your veteran hiring practices through state and federal benefits and kickbacks. ​

  • Transition Assistance

    • Our team has worked several jobs within the government in the military 'transition' space and has extensive expertise. Our team can develop products, curriculum, programs and supplementary training(s) for​ any transition assistance programs and resources. Additionally, our team can provide personalized and individualized transition assistance. 

  • Mentorship & Affiliation Programs

    • Majority of our team members are very active mentors within the military-connected community. Our team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in mentorship platforms and development of mentorship and affiliation programs. ​

  • Networking Events Planning

    • Our team has coordinated and planned several large networking events - including in-person and remote/virtual events. We can help your organization create and cater to the military-connected community through a networking event or platform. ​

  • Keynote Speaking 

    • If you are looking for a keynote or guest speaker for your next event, consider one of our team members from PG Strategies Group!

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