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Our Services - Organizational Strategies 

Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise to enable leaders, organizations and all stakeholders to develop and implement organizational strategies to meet short-term and long-term objectives and goals.  

  • Strategic Planning & Vision

    • Vision statements give leaders and employees direction for employee behavior and provide inspiration. Our team can assist in overall strategy planning and creation or revision of mission and vision statements. ​​​

  • Change Management

    • Our team can assist in the preparation of organizational change. We can assist in equipping and supporting leadership and employees during any type of restructure or merger. We can customize workshops for leaders and employees to guide all personnel through both minor and major organizational changes. ​

  • Risk Management & Contingency Planning

    • Our team has extensive expertise in risk management. We can support through identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risk for all stakeholders. In our current world and economic situation, contingency planning is paramount to organizational outcomes and success. Leaders are faced with pressures from internal and exponentially higher external sources. Our team can evaluate current procedures and provide recommendations and training on risk and contingency planning. ​

  • Organizational Development (OD)

    • As organizations grow, their structure, processes and systems will need to be modified and further developed. Our team can help leaders and organizations build their capacity through organizational development tools. Our team can utilize quantitative methods such as surveys and customized assessments ​and qualitative methods such as interviews and direct observations to provide critical feedback and recommendations. Customization of services can include a complete follow-through of OD methods to include evaluation, training and feedback. 

  • Policy Management

    • Organizations often find success through customizing policies and standard operating procedures across, within, and below all hierarchical ​chain of commands. Our team can work with HR professionals and leaders to create, establish, communicate and maintain policies and procedures for your organization. 

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management

    • Our team has a combined 30 years experience in DoD, government and medical/emergency logistics and global supply chain management. ​In addition, our team has extensive experience in teaching, facilitation, and design and development of logistics management courses and training. 

  • Hiring the Best & Talent Management

    • It's important to get the right people in the right jobs. Our team can assess the organizational structure, composition, and person-job fit and work with HR and talent management personnel to create and modify job positions and descriptions. ​We can work on selection and hiring processes, and also work with HR to create an onboarding and customized training program. 

  • Team Development & Training

    • From ice breakers to workshops to training, our team can plan, create and develop personalized and customized team development and training for your leaders and organizations. ​

  • Curriculum Design & Development

    • Our team members have designed, developed and implemented curriculum for academia, DoD, and government entities. Vast knowledge in learning management systems and platforms.

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