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Our Services - Learning, Training & Professional Development

Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise to enable leaders, organizations and all stakeholders to maximize their personal, professional and team potential through methods of improved communications and mentorship and coaching tools and techniques. 

  • Leadership & Professional Development​

    • Our team of experts can advise individuals and leaders on personal professional development plans as well as how to create and implement professional development plans for employees and teams. We can also customize a workshop or training on developing and leveraging your leadership style.​

  • Academic Leadership and Development​​

  • Organizational Communications & Conflict Resolution 

    • Our team can create training and workshops on topics such as - joint problem-solving skills, conflict management, listening and communication skills, and team appreciation and development.

  • Coaching Programs & Workshops

    • Our team can create customized coaching skills workshops based on specific needs and desired outcomes. Workshops can include individual coaching and/or team or group coaching. Additionally, our team can provide - Executive Coaching, Management Coaching, Development Coaching, Leadership team coaching, Peer Coaching, Succession Coaching & Performance Coaching.

  • Career & Transition Coaching

    • Transitions happen in planned and unplanned situations. Our team is equipped with knowledge and expertise on transitions and can provide personalized coaching for any type of transitions in life, including career transitions. ​

  • Career & Life Mapping

    • Through the utilization of mapping, our team can assist individuals and/or groups in creating their own map of goals and future objectives. ​

Individualized coaching programs can include customization such as: 

Phase 1 - Assessment and information gathering

Phase 2 - Feedback on strengths, style and limitations

Phase 3 - Contract for change

Phase 4 - Integration of change in the workplace 

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